Canadians getting a reprieve through low gasoline prices

During the last one year or so, the Canadian people have been burdened with the high inflation numbers that were forcing them to cough up more dollars of their hard earned income for their routine essential expenses. But those times are slowly changing for the better. The latest inflation numbers are much lower than what were expected. It is down to 1.2% which is at the lowest level in the last couple of years. What is the major reason for this? According to this news article the drop in inflation is the direct result of the reduction in gasoline prices. In fact, the current price of gasoline is at 2.3% lower than what it was at the same time a year ago. This is great news for struggling people in Canada who are trying hard to make both ends meet. How long can you expect to have such low gasoline prices to last? It is never an easy task to predict gas prices. It is almost as hard as predicting the weather in the country and can never be 100% certain about the results. For the time being, every Canadian person can enjoy the low gas prices and the associated low cost of living in the country.