Conserve our resources for a healthy planet

Right now, we are a throwaway society who likes to use anything that we need and throw away the waste items without thinking twice about the consequences. Global warming, increased levels of chemicals in fish etc. are some of the known adverse effects of this habit. If we continue in this route, our children are going to follow on our footsteps and eventually will lead to the end of the planet as we know of.

We must teach our children about the positive effects of recycling. They must be taught about this from their very young days itself. This way, they will help in protecting mama nature and our future generations.

Access to water can be a major hindrance for the development of our future generations. Some experts are already mentioning the possibility of the next world war over the disputes for access to water. In this scenario, you must use this precious resource with a lot of care. Your children need to be taught on ways to use this scarce resource sparingly.

Wastage of food materials must be avoided at all possible opportunities. You can imbibe this value in your children by teaching them about the people who suffer from hunger in various parts of the world.


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