Canadian Investment Portfolio’s Remodeled with the Expertise of Justin Bender and Moneysense

Moneysense‘s Dan Bortolotti enlisted the financial expertise of portfolio manager Justin Bender and investment advisor Shannon Dalziel, from PWL Capital, Inc. of Toronto to renovate the investment portfolios of Canadians in need of change. The results were amazing and found their way to the Yahoo finance Canada: Renovate your Portfolio. The article details the successful portfolio makeovers of three Canadian households: a retired couple, a family with three young kids, and a single woman.

“Each of our investors was struck by how much they would save in fees?” on a mid-six-figure portfolio, a 2% savings can be $1,000 a month “but it’s not just about cost. After all, if you’re doing a renovation, you might be able to buy a top-quality power drill at a deep discount, but that won’t help you drive a nail. In the same way, we hope to show you that building a portfolio is all about finding the right tool for the job.” says Dan Bortolotti in the article.

Justin Bender has a unique way of presenting risk assessments to his clients called Monte Carlo simulations, which are a form of stochastic modeling techniques, where he stress tests different asset allocations to demonstrate which will work best for the clients situation. This combination of his financial genius and his ability to show investors concepts that they can understand and trust has shown amazing results.

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